​Former bitcoin miner Digital X reports $1.2m Q3 loss

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Fintech organisation Digital X has reported a third entertain handling detriment of $1.27 million.

For a 3 months finished Mar 31, 2016, Digital X’s bitcoin trade activity constructed approximately $5.7 million in revenue, that a association pronounced helped to equivalent a money bake a AirPocket remittance product caused, as good as a “winding down” of bitcoin mining.

Previously, Digital X was listed on a Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as DigitalBTC, undergoing not usually a name change in October, though a change in business indication as well.

DigitalBTC, trade as Digital CC, was formerly usually concerned in bitcoin mining, a procession whereby a association is rewarded with a cryptocurrency for behaving calculations that secure a blockchain and endorse a effect of a transaction.

However, a association did not embankment a cryptocurrency altogether, spending $6.7 million on a squeeze of bitcoins for a liquidity desk, and over half a million on a energy and hosting mandate for a cryptocurrency a past quarter.

Referencing a ASX, that is implementing a possess blockchain technology to reinstate or ascent a ASX’s categorical trade and post-trade platforms, executive authority Zhenya Tsvetnenko pronounced it is not usually banks contracting a record in a operations.

“The final entertain has

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