Иeureal: Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the People

Иeureal is the first decentralized open-source protocol designed to produce a distributed artificial intelligence (AI) architecture that is incentivized, maintained and housed within a cryptocurrency.

The project is an infrastructure for predictive algorithms, like an ongoing kaggle. Creator Wil Brown started the project with the idea that AI could be hugely impacted with the help of the technology behind Bitcoin, to pursue his “mad scientist” dream of creating an AI system.

“[My mission is] to bring AI to the people and out of the hands of the few and to create an infrastructure with the potential to be the world’s largest repository of true understanding.”

Brown — along with colleagues Jordan Miller, Brian Bowles and Melanie Swan from Singularity University — decided to enter the Texas Bitcoin Conference hackathon. The team won the top prize in the event from the Dapps Fund, a US$500,000 commitment for purchase from a successful crowdsale. The team has since grown larger and now meets and discusses weekly.

Cointelegraph got together with Brown to discuss the project and Brown’s vision.

“These can give us an intimate view of the inner workings of our own minds. When we peer at our own subconscious, for instance

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