10 People Who Have Been Called The Inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

Below is a list of all the people who have been called Satoshi Nakamoto. Are you among them? Well, on a long enough timeline, you might one day be. Heck, you might even think you are Satoshi.

1 –  Nick Szabo – Blogger Skye Grey linked Nick Szabo to the Bitcoin white paper. Szabo is a long-time decentralized currency philosopher and even published a paper entitled “bit gold” which many consider a precursor to Bitcoin. This has nothing to do with the recently launched BitGold. Szabo has denied being Satoshi Nakamoto. Nathaniel Popper wrote in the New York Times that “the most convincing evidence pointed to a reclusive American man of Hungarian descent named Nick Szabo.”

After the supposed finding of Dorian Nakamoto, Nick Szabo is claimed to be the new inventor of Bitcoin

After the false rumour that Dorian Nakamoto (photo) was Bitcoin’s inventor, a study pointed out that Nick Szabo may be the creator of the cryptocurrency.

2 – Dorian Nakamoto  – This Nakamoto is perhaps the best known mistaken Satoshi Nakamoto. In March 2014, Leah McGrath published an article in Newsweek doxxing Dorian Prentice Satoshi

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