10 Things You Can Buy for $10 on Bitcoin Market OpenBazaar

Leslie Starr O’Hara is a human who lives on a mini-farm in the mountains of North Carolina (Planet Earth) and the author of “The Doublespeak Dictionary.”

In this feature, O’Hara looks at some of the items already for sale on the recently launched bitcoin-based online market OpenBazaar.


You may have heard of OpenBazaar. It’s a new peer-to-peer marketplace where there are no rules or transaction fees, and all payments are made in bitcoin.

Sounds cool, right? But wait. Isn’t this like an underground black market enclave where drug kingpins do business with black-hat hackers and murderers for hire? Or, failing that, maybe it’s just full of over-your-head, techie stuff for basement-dwelling neckbeards? What can you actually buy there?

Turns out, quite a lot. And while there are a few listings on OpenBazaar for things like cannabis seeds and peyote buttons, most of the offerings are quite tame  –  the kind of stuff you might buy at the big-box store in town, but first you’d have to put on pants, and then you’d have to use inflationary fiat currency to pay for it.

Then you’ll pay the consumer’s portion of the big box store’s tax-and-regulations bill. And who wants

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