10 Ways Your Privacy is at Risk

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By F. Underwood

Did you think that using a VPN when browsing the world wide web would be more than enough to be safe from surveillance programs and tracking efforts from various organizations, advertisement companies, and government agencies? How about using TAILS OS? If that’s the case then unfortunately you were wrong. No VPN or specially designed operating system could counter some of these ingenious tracking and surveillance techniques mentioned on this list.

No matter how much we are up for protecting our privacy, thanks to rapid technology advancements it is becoming extremely difficult from becoming a victim – a piece of data for sell, to be analyzed, or abused. Here is a list of 10 creative ways some companies and government agencies are collecting information about you without your consent and there is not much that you can do about it unless of course you are someone with 10 gold mines or someone willing to give up on all the pleasures of life.

10. Android

Have you ever owned a smartphone or a tablet which utilizes the Android OS and used it to connect to any WiFi network? Chances are high that Google knows your WiFi password. According to

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