$10000 in Bitcoin Can Buy You Zero-Day Exploits on the Dark Net

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Bitcoin is the most used currency on the dark net. Dark net marketplaces continue to be one of the attractive places to procure illegal drugs and contraband. In addition to the usual fare, one can also buy zero-day exploits for the right price.

As the use of technology continues to expand, the number of cyberthreats are also on the rise. According to a leading science and technology magazine, one can find over 300 cyberthreats on the dark net every week. While it is not easy for a person to manually visit all the hacker forums and marketplaces across the internet and find these threats, a machine learning algorithm run by a computer can do it in a jiffy.

Zero-day exploits are malicious codes that take advantage of undetected software flaws before it becomes known to the developers and security experts. These zero-day exploits are deployed before the developers patch the vulnerability. Many times, these zero-day exploits go undetected for days or even months.

When a cybercriminal or a hacker comes across a zero-day vulnerability in any software, he/she will rather find ways to exploit it than report the flaw to developers. These zero-day exploits thus developed are sold on the dark net.

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