1001Pharmacies – Online Marketplace for Prescription Medicine, Bitcoin Payments Next?

In this day and age, more and more of our shopping habits are finding an online alternative.  Whether we want to go grocery shopping, look for new shoes, or even buy prescription pharmaceutical goods, all of it can be done over the Internet.  And, more importantly, all of this can be done in a legal manner as well.

1001Pharmacies Brings Your Pharmacy To The Internet

One of the things most people – especially the older generation – will stick to is visiting their pharmacy in person to pick up a prescription. Even though the process can be completed online so it only needs to be picked up, several people will still take the piece of paper to their pharmacist and have them prepare the order on the spot.  Whether or not this is a trust issue, is a debate for another day.

But even though some people are still fighting the idea, getting your prescriptions shipped through to you via an online platform is not such a strange thought in the end.  Granted, it may sound rather unsafe to send your prescription to an online service, and have them ship the goods to you.  But

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