13-Year-Old Auburn Boy Investigated In Threats Against His Classmates

A (not identified) 13-year-old boy, from Auburn Middle School, is accused of threatening his fellow classmates by shooting them and ”slitting their throats”. According to official court documents, the local police is investigating the 13-year-old’s statements, in which he said that he used the dark web to buy guns and stolen credit card info to carry out a violent plot.

On February 26, School Resource Officer Brian Kennedy was notified of the case by a fellow student who had stated that the accused 13-year-old wanted to “shoot up” the school, according to court records. Other students said that the boy was showing them on his smartphone that he could access the dark web.

During the questioning of the student, done by Assistant Principal Matthew Carlson, the boy admitted to saying he wanted to “slit the throat” of a black student, who he called by a derogatory name. The student then admitted to the administrator it would take “at least two bullets to kill” another student, who the police identified as being enrolled in “special needs” programming. The assistant principal added in his report that another student was identified by the student as a potential target in an alleged shooting because his “rat tail was personally offensive.”

The police searched the student by the time, however, they did not find anything that he said. Also, his classmates said another bunch of disturbing statements of his, however, he did not harm anyone.

According to court documents, a discipline hearing took place with the child’s mother in late February where the student was placed on a 10-day suspension with an expulsion and determination hearing to be held at a later date.

Officials at the school said the accused boy used a middle school iPad to search to access the dark net, according to his web browser history.

The student voluntarily gave officials his smartphone password last month, however, forensic specialists are still working on the case.

In court documents from February, officials heard the student also claimed he had “fake crystal meth” in his locker. The schools officials found a plastic bag with white crystal inside, however, it tested negative at the drug test.

According to Auburn School Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle’s email to the children’s parents, during the investigation, it had been “determined there was no imminent danger.” She also added:

“What we did not do, however, was to notify the parents of Auburn Middle School students who were not directly involved and that was an error on our part. If your faith in us has been shaken by this incident, for that we again sincerely apologize. Learning from this, we will review our communication protocols to further strengthen our procedures regarding the sharing of information with all stakeholders, including parents, the School Committee and the community.”

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