200 Artists Participate in Bitcoin Photo Contest; Viewer Voting Ends Oct. 15

The Bitcoin Photo Contest, a bit4coin-sponsored initiative to improve bitcoin’s image and expand bitcoin’s graphic representation, moves into its next phase this week as the regular voting phase ends on Oct. 15 and 50 images go to a jury for the final vote. The 50 images selected will include the 25 that get the most viewer tips and 25 that get the most viewer votes by Oct. 15. Each jury member can vote on up to five images, independent of regular viewer votes.

Bitcoin Photo Contest Picture


Viewers can see the submissions here. Bit4coin is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based bitcoin exchange.

200 Artists Win 5,000 Likes

Two hundred artists have submitted more than 400 photos, drawings, and artwork since the contest launched on Sept. 8. The global bitcoin community has posted 5,000 likes for these submissions. Users have tipped 0.4 BTC to more than 20 specific images. Artists will receive their tips after the contest ends.

The jury votes will be announced on Oct. 21. The winning artist will receive €1,000 in bitcoin via bit4coin vouchers to be redeemed immediately (sans fee). The runner-up will receive €500 while the third place

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