2016 Libertarian Candidate Continues Bitcoin Support

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Sunday saw Gary Johnson become the Libertarian Party candidate in the 2016 US presidential election – and Bitcoin is already on board for donations.

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‘Wild Card’ Libertarian Candidate Accepts Bitcoin

Gary Johnson

Johnson, who also stood in the 2012 race, is increasingly viewed as a “wild card” in this year’s campaign, as voters attempt to sidestep the major party nominees.

According to a recent poll, as much as 8% of Republican voters stated their intention to vote for an alternative to Donald Trump – four times the number of Democrats.

“If nothing comes of this election with regard to the Libertarian Party, then nothing is going to ever come of it, I don’t think,” Johnson said in an interview with MSNBC in March.

This month, Johnson stated that alienated voters coming out in support of him was “all he encountered”.

The potential for the Libertarians to make gains in 2016 naturally bodes well for Bitcoin, which Johnson has long favored as a campaign funding option. Donations are currently accepted via the campaign website using BitPay as facilitator.

Like Rand Paul before him, Johnson’s increasing presence could serve

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