2016 Preview: America’s War Against Bitcoin’s BFF – Encryption

Encryption. Many novices in Bitcoin believe this technology is some new, revolutionary invention born out of digital currency, but in fact, encryption has been around for generations. In Western civilization, your government, your banks, and your military have been keeping their dirty secrets for decades with encryption, and the common man has just started to see the benefits of this trickle down to street level.

Your online banking and smartphone use it every day to protect your privacy…..for now. Some powerful people within the U.S. Government would like to see privacy come to an end under the guise of “fighting terrorism”, and 2016 will be the year where this battle will be fought within Western governments, according to Republican Representative Will Hurd of Texas.

Hurd is the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform’s technology subcommittee and a former CIA agent. Last week, he spoke about the future of encryption with NextGov about where the government is focusing its energies going forward. Can you have privacy in the West without the threat of terrorists using the tech? Is the tech the problem, or the solution? Are American authorities all about regulating down to the lowest common denominator in society,

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