21 Bitcoin Computer Enthusiasts Will Come Together In San Francisco

Ever since the 21 Inc Bitcoin computer has been released, there has been a general buzz of excitement in the digital currency community. This plug-and-play device is so much more than just a Bitcoin miner or Node, as the software package can also act as a development sandbox for various new forms of innovation. With so many people taking a liking to the 21 Bitcoin computer, it was only a matter of time until their first Meetup would be held.

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First 21 Bitcoin Computer Meetup In San Francisco

21 Inc has been a company capturing the imagination of many digital currency enthusiasts all over the world. Although some people might argue the steep price for this tiny device – roughly US$400 – is not worth paying, there is much more to this concept than just a plug-and-play Bitcoin miner or Bitcoin node.

Many people, including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, have started experimenting with the developer sandbox environment found on the device itself. This is also one of the primary goals for the 21 Bitcoin computer, as the product is designed to make digital currency development more

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