21 Bitcoin Computer Is Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

21 Bitcoin Computer Is Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin

The 21 Bitcoin Computer is now available for purchase in Bitcoin at its equivalent value to $399.00 USD on its official website. The latest billing option which allows purchase with Bitcoin also comes with added privacy and security in mind. The company does not ask for a name on the address and will send to a P.O. Box labeled simply for “Postal Customer.” This nuanced approach to billing and shipping with a level of anonymity in mind comes as a signal of support for the continued decentralized nature of Bitcoin and the privacy of its community and users. 


21 Inc, the company that offers the 21 Bitcoin Computer has been labeled by some as a potentially driving force behind Bitcoin’s mass-adoption through creating accessible technology and software for a wider variety of individuals to get involved with Bitcoin. As a product, the 21 Bitcoin Computer offers an entry-level option for developers to build a variety of Bitcoin-related apps allowing you to buy

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