21 Bitcoin Computer Mechanical Turk concept previewed by Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin core developer and luminary, just released a preview for a proof-of-concept “Mechanical Turk” using the 21 Bitcoin Computer and its discovery marketplace. The idea behind a Mechanical Turk system is to have small jobs offered that can be done by automating crowdsourcing the delivery of work and payment for work.

When 21 Inc. came out of stealth and revealed its intent to put a Bitcoin mining apparatus in everything (from lightbulbs to toasters) it came to many as an interesting move. Shortly thereafter 21 released the 21 Bitcoin Computer, a micro form factor computer capable of running Linux coupled with a Bitcoin miner connected to a network for discovery and functionality.

This appears to be an obvious Internet of Things move where 21 would facilitate autonomous devices to make their own money and exchange bitcoins (as a digital currency of value) for services from other devices. Garzik’s proof-of-concept with the automated Mechanical Turk shines a light on how that might work.

Turk preview still in development

Garzik’s Turk preview is still untested code, but it provides a framework and proof-of-concept that can be built on as well as an API that connects it to the 21 Bitcoin Computer

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