21 Bitcoin Computer Mechanical Turk judgment previewed by Jeff Garzik

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Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin core developer and luminary, only expelled a preview for a proof-of-concept “Mechanical Turk” regulating a 21 Bitcoin Computer and a find marketplace. The thought behind a Mechanical Turk complement is to have tiny jobs offering that can be finished by automating crowdsourcing a smoothness of work and remuneration for work.

When 21 Inc. came out of secrecy and suggested a vigilant to put a Bitcoin mining apparatus in everything (from lightbulbs to toasters) it came to many as an engaging move. Shortly afterward 21 expelled a 21 Bitcoin Computer, a micro form cause mechanism able of using Linux joined with a Bitcoin miner connected to a network for find and functionality.

This appears to be an apparent Internet of Things move where 21 would promote unconstrained inclination to make their possess income and sell bitcoins (as a digital banking of value) for services from other devices. Garzik’s proof-of-concept with a programmed Mechanical Turk shines a light on how that competence work.

Turk preview still in development

Garzik’s Turk preview is still untested code, though it provides a horizon and proof-of-concept that can be built on as good as an API that connects it to a 21 Bitcoin Computer

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