21 Inc Open-Sources Bitcoin Software for Machine Payments

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Bitcoin startup 21 Inc announced it had open-sourced its software this weekend, a move that finds it following through on statements by the firm’s co-founder and CEO, Balaji Srinivasan, at CoinDesk’s Consensus event last month.

The release coincides with a stronger presentation of the company’s long-term vision, one that will find it seeking to enable micropayments via APIs services for developers as part of a broader transition it calls the ‘third web’.

This terminology, the company argues, helps articulate the transition from the World Wide Web of documents and hyperlinks, to the social web, to one where economics are now involved because of bitcoin.

The company wrote:

“You couldn’t really have had a Machine-Payable Web before bitcoin, because the ability of a machine to possess, send and receive currency autonomously depends critically on the nature of bitcoin private keys as bearer instruments.”

As we reported in May, the software can be used to connect any device to the 21 network and 21 Marketplace, capabilities that were previously only available to owners of the 21 Bitcoin Computer.

After installing 21’s software, users can get bitcoin on any device in “almost any country” without a bank account or credit card,

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