21 Inc Unveils Plan to Make Every Computer a Bitcoin Computer

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Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO of 21 Inc, announced a launch of the 21 program package during a Consensus 2016 blockchain conference, permitting anyone with a mechanism to accept bitcoin.

Freely available, the program allows any connected device to join a 21 network, enabling connectivity with a 21 Marketplace and providing capabilities that were formerly only available to owners of the 21 Bitcoin Computer.

Srinivasan told a audience:

“What we consider is that there is going to be a third Web, a Machine Web, where a links are indeed payments between machines.”

According to Srinivasan, a World Wide Web is a ‘first web’, consisting of papers connected to one another. The second is a amicable web, providing connectivity between people directly by technology.

In his presentation, Srinivasan argued for a ability to capacitate machines to be means to compensate other machines, effectively monetizing HTTP.

“The judgment is a web where machines are earning bitcoin on each HTTP request,” he explained. “Every time we bucket a webpage is a HTTP request. That’s a lot of HTTP requests. If we are earning bitcoin on each HTTP request, that could be a lot of warranted bitcoins.”

One of a evident use cases: digital paywalls. Teasing Paul Vigna

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