21 Unveils Vision for Bitcoin-Powered Weather Data Market

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Bitcoin’s best-funded startup, 21 Inc, has denounced a new proof-of-concept directed during providing an painting of how a bitcoin hardware and program can create new ways for information to be collected and monetized.

Called Sensor21, a prototype outlines privately how a precision altimeter can work with a 21 Bitcoin Computer to emanate a miniaturized continue tracker capable of monitoring data points such as air pressure, altitude and temperature.

Using such a network, 21 contends that these inclination can be done to query other cities to establish their data. Further, by entertainment information from some-more than one location, users could collectively build a extensive continue map for a sold region.

The association explained:

“With this brief set of commands, we were means to spin a tiny sensor into a pacifist income stream. The value from a sensor comes from a fact that it is not sealed adult in a datacenter like a cloud computer, though out in a genuine universe and partial of a discriminate grid.”

The idea that 21 is relocating toward is one whereby people are eventually incentivized to share all sorts of data, either it is a continue or deviation levels collected with a Geiger counter.


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