21 Unveils Vision for Bitcoin-Powered Weather Data Market

sensor21, 21

Bitcoin’s best-funded startup, 21 Inc, has unveiled a new proof-of-concept aimed at providing an illustration of how its bitcoin hardware and software can create new ways for data to be collected and monetized.

Called Sensor21, the prototype outlines specifically how a precision altimeter can work with a 21 Bitcoin Computer to create a miniaturized weather tracker capable of monitoring data points such as air pressure, altitude and temperature.

Using such a network, 21 contends that these devices can be made to query other cities to determine their data. Further, by gathering data from more than one location, users could collectively build a comprehensive weather map for a particular region.

The company explained:

“With this short set of commands, you were able to turn a small sensor into a passive income stream. The value from the sensor comes from the fact that it is not locked up in a datacenter like a cloud computer, but out in the real world and part of a compute grid.”

The goal that 21 is moving toward is one whereby individuals are ultimately incentivized to share all sorts of data, whether it is the weather or radiation levels collected with a Geiger counter.


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