247Exchange.com Simplifies Bitcoin Purchases With Card Payments

Even though many customers are still struggling with the idea of purchasing Bitcoin from an exchange through bank transfer, there are other solutions available. Not just in the form of using Bitcoin ATMs, which are also a great way to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin exchange 247Exchange is making the process of buying Bitcoin with a credit card even smoother than it was before.

Making The Bitcoin Buying Process More Consumer-friendly

In our latest article on how to buy Bitcoin, we mentioned that using a credit card is not possible when it comes to Bitcoin from most traditional exchanges.  However, there is one emerging exchange that has integrated card payments for buying Bitcoin into their platform. 247Exchange.com is best known for allowing purchases and withdrawals through most major credit cards.

On top of that, 247exchange.com welcomes users from all over the world to buy and sell Bitcoin through their [prepaid] credit or debit cards, as the platform works with various local currencies.  Even though customers still have to go through a verification process, the overall procedure time has been improved.  Furthermore, the list of accepted card providers has been recently increased.

“We integrated the feature

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