3 Alternatives to Skype Surveillance with End-to-End Encrypted Calls

CoinTelegraph reviews three of the most promising alternatives to Skype that guarantee end-to-end encryption and greater privacy for its users.

From security to surveillance 

Skype will go down in history as one of the most popular and disruptive fruits of the Internet. It has enabled people from all over the world to build and sustain relationships in a more humane way than the straight forward but faceless and voiceless chat, or the mail formats still used today in email and forums.

This famous voice over IP platform rose to fame thanks to incredibly low cost for international calls, blowing away its Telecom competitors. This was made possible thanks to its fairly decentralized nature, and promised peer to peer communications to the point that one of its original names was “Sky peer-to-peer.”

It was also marketed as having “total security and privacy” according to a 2008 Reuters article. It was believed to be so censorship resistant that the Chinese government had to pressure the company to build in a backdoor version for them before it could be deployed in China – a model later followed by the West.

Skype has always been proprietary, closed-source software. As such, it is through indirect means that

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