3 Liverpool Men Jailed For Blowing Up Bank ATMs

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Automated teller machines are far from secure devices, as they are often targeted by hackers and other criminals But in some countries, things get taken to the very next level. Several gang members in Scotland have been blowing up bank ATMs in Aberdeenshire. As a result, over 130,000 GBP was stolen. Luckily, all of these gang members have been arrested and face long prison sentences.

Three individuals are responsible for these attacks against bank ATMs spread out all over Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Interestingly enough, all three individuals are residing in Liverpool  England. By using a mixture of oxygen and acetylene, they managed to blow up ATMs physically in various cities to steal the funds locked inside.

Using Explosives Against ATMs Is Rather Extreme

It is not the first time criminals target ATMs to steal lots of funds. However, in most cases, they rely on malware to empty teller machines. Another method to achieve this goal comes in the form of using stolen credit cards, which are then cloned onto a blank card. Criminals often use these cards to cash out user account balances.

All three assailants were sentenced to very long prison time, ranging from 11 years

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