31 Bitcoin Contributors Sign Block Size Proposal By Gregory Maxwell

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The Bitcoin block size debate is still far from over, as a new capacity increases page with initial signatures has been posted on GitHub very recently. Quite a few prominent names in the Bitcoin industry have all signed the roadmap, including Charlie Lee, Cory Fields, Gregory Maxwell, and, surprisingly enough, Theymos. Whether or not a consensus can be reached regarding this proposal, remains to be seen, though.

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Block Size Capacity Increases For The Bitcoin SystemBitcoinist_Bitcoin Block SizeBitcoinist_Bitcoin Block Size

The proposal in question was penned down by Gregory Maxwell after the recent Scaling Bitcoin Workshop in Hong Kong, which took place in early December 2014. With so many new, different ideas and suggestions presented by Bitcoin industry experts, a proper solution has to be found sooner rather than later.

One of the main issues to take into consideration, according to Maxwell, is how the current Bitcoin technology suffers from a fundamental

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