31 Bitcoin Contributors Sign Block Size Proposal By Gregory Maxwell

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Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Block Size DiscussionBitcoinist_Bitcoin Block Size Discussion

The Bitcoin retard distance discuss is still distant from over, as a new ability increases page with initial signatures has been posted on GitHub really recently. Quite a few distinguished names in a Bitcoin attention have all sealed a roadmap, including Charlie Lee, Cory Fields, Gregory Maxwell, and, surprisingly enough, Theymos. Whether or not a accord can be reached per this proposal, stays to be seen, though.

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Block Size Capacity Increases For The Bitcoin SystemBitcoinist_Bitcoin Block SizeBitcoinist_Bitcoin Block Size

The offer in doubt was penned down by Gregory Maxwell after a new Scaling Bitcoin Workshop in Hong Kong, that took place in early Dec 2014. With so many new, opposite ideas and suggestions presented by Bitcoin attention experts, a correct resolution has to be found earlier rather than later.

One of a categorical issues to take into consideration, according to Maxwell, is how a stream Bitcoin record suffers from a fundamental

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