36% of Australians Would Trade Banks for Better Digital Money Services


A recent survey conducted by personal finance company Fair Go Finance has found that a large chunk of Australians are ready to leave the traditional banking system and move to digital money. The survey received responses from 3,148 people, and the questions involved everything from bitcoin to Facebook money transfers.

The online survey was conducted in April 2015.

34% know about bitcoin

Thirty-four percent of Australians who responded to the survey claimed they know something about bitcoin. Of course, the level of understanding of bitcoin is likely to vary from person to person. The question was phrased as, “Do you know anything about Bitcoins?” which means many respondents who had simply heard of bitcoin as some sort of PayPal alternative would have likely responded in the affirmative. Some of these respondents may have trouble attempting to explain the complexities of the blockchain.

There was a bit of divergence in the responses from men and women in this initial question about bitcoin. While 43 percent of male respondents claimed to know about bitcoin, only 28 perecent of women did. There was less of a divergence in the responses from Generation X and Y. In fact, the numbers from

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