5 Facts from the Q3 2015 State of Bitcoin Report

Last week saw the release of CoinDesk’s latest State of Bitcoin report, which gives a quarterly snapshot of the digital currency ecosystem.

Q3 was marked by a shift towards bitcoin technology’s use in non-financial applications, for example settlement. Both startups – with products like itBit’s bankchain – and large financial institutions – who are now investing in blockchain companies – drove this rhetoric.

Here, we’ve collected a few interesting tidbits you might have missed from the report – which weighs in at 87 slides.

You can view the report in full or check out CoinDesk’s previous State of Bitcoin reports.

1. Trading and volatility are back up

Trading screen

Last quarter, bitcoin experienced an uncharacteristic period of calm, with a peak-to-trough percentage of 20%. This zen didn’t last, however, as Q3 saw this figure rise by 13% (Side 12).

While it’s still on the lower end of the volatility spectrum (Q2 2014 recorded a peak-to-trough percentage of 84%), the quarter did see a boost in trading (Slide 13).

In the latter part of Q2, monthly trading volume had been between 5 and 6 million bitcoins. In August, it exceeded 10 million bitcoin – the first time since April.

2. But investment

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