5 Hacker-Friendly Search Engines You Must Use

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CNN called Shodan the “scariest search engine on the Internet” in its April 8, 2013 story. Even its name sounds a little intimidating.

While that was three years ago, Shodan has expanded quite a bit since then. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, Shodan searches for internet-connected devices across the world. As I’m sure you can guess, that doesn’t only include computers and smartphones. It can find such things as wind turbines, traffic lights, license plate readers, refrigerators, and practically anything else with an internet connection.

If that doesn’t seem like a big deal, here’s the caveat. Many of these devices that we rely on every day have little to no security protecting them. For a hacker, that’s a dream come true (is it not?).

Now, I don’t simply want to repeat old news, but Shodan isn’t the only search engine of its type; there are quite a few others. So I’m going to discuss four other web vulnerability search engines that you may (or may not) be familiar with.

First off, let’s learn a little more about Shodan.

“Sho” Me, Shodan

To reiterate, Shodan isn’t exactly

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