5 Surprising Facts from CoinDesk’s State of Bitcoin Report

Last Friday we released our quarterly State of Bitcoin report, which aims to provide a snapshot of events across the bitcoin ecosystem.

With 87 slides of data, it’s a hefty read. Here, we’ve cherry-picked some of the most surprising insights gleaned about the cryptocurrency space this year.

To view the full presentation, visit Slideshare. For all of CoinDesk’s previous State of Bitcoin reports, head here.

Journalists are writing books, but not articles

MoneyWeek‘s Dominic Frisby, now author of a bitcoin book

Back in March, Fortune journalist Daniel Roberts gave mainstream media coverage of bitcoin a Kulber-Ross spin. Mirroring the five stages of loss, he suggested, journalists’ approach to the cryptocurrency has typically morphed from ‘ignore’, ‘dismiss’, ‘cover’ and ‘hedge’ to the fifth and final stage: ‘write a book’.

Amazon’s ever-growing bitcoin section, with titles from CNBC, MoneyWeek, CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal reporters, puts weight behind this theory.

Yet, the State of Bitcoin (Slide 22) indicates that the recent boom in bitcoin books wasn’t mirrored in three of the top financials this quarter, with bitcoin-related articles seeing a dip across the The Wall Street Journal (18.6%), The New York Times

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