5 Ways to Spend Bitcoin in Amsterdam

bitcoin in amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been somewhat of a bitcoin haven.

With startups seeking to make the city the “bitcoin capital of the world”, it has historically attracted high-profile bitcoin events. Last spring, for example, saw the opening of Amsterdam’s very own Bitcoin Boulevard, a project that signed up 10 merchants in the city to accept bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Foundation also picked Amsterdam to host its Bitcoin 2014 conference last May in what may have been the most high-profile testament to the city’s pull for bitcoin aficionados.

Sander Regtuijt, business development manager at BitStraat, encouraged bitcoin users who haven’t yet been to explore its offerings.

Regtuijt said:

“Visiting Amsterdam because of bitcoin-related reasons would be a good idea, because, besides all the places where you can spend your bitcoin, there is a lively bitcoin community as well.”

With this in mind, CoinDesk takes a look at five different ways in which you can fund a trip to Amsterdam.

1. Traveling with bitcoin

If you want to take in the sun whilst sipping on an ice-cold beer purchased with bitcoin, now is your chance. Did we mention you can do so by one of the city’s world-famous

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