6 Things You Missed from the State of Bitcoin

Last week, CoinDesk released the latest report in our quarterly State of Bitcoin series.

Just like all our reports to date, the State of Bitcoin Q2 2015 was an all-encompassing look at the bitcoin ecosystem, clocking in at just shy of 100 slides of data.

It was the first positive quarter for bitcoin since this time last year, characterised by increased attention amidst the Greek crisis and interest from banks and governments in blockchain technology.

However, these weren’t the only takeaways from Q2. Here, we’ve put together a few hidden gems from the report you might have missed.

1. Bitcoin is on track to outpace the Internet

race, start

Bitcoin, more than anything else, is often compared to the Internet back in the technology’s early days. Both are rooted in fringe ideologies and, if you believe the hype, both have the ability to disrupt and empower via distributed networks of data.

The comparison is something that the State of Bitcoin has tracked since the series began. So, how is the currency fairing so far?

In investment terms, bitcoin startups are outperforming expectations – with $786m predicted to be invested in bitcoin by the end of this year (Slide 38),

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