6 Ways to Fund Your New Bitcoin Business or App

25 years ago, the Internet was just a gleam in some techies eyes, as a new age of technology was dawning. Many readers of this article will not remember an age before Facebook, Yahoo and Google, but yes, the Internet did exist without them. There was a time when there were no search engines, social networks, or even ESPN. Maybe you see the next 25 years being the Era of Bitcoin and its digital technology, taking the baton from the Internet and going to the next level?

The only problem is you need some funding for your Bitcoin innovation to take hold. Here are five things you can do to get that ball of creativity and entrepreneurship rolling.

6 Things You Can Do To Fund Your New Bitcoin Project

Bootstrap The Project Yourself

Bootstrapping is literally pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and funding the project with your own funds, or through your sphere of influence. The founders of Pizza Hut borrowed $600 from their mom to open their first store

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