9554 Bitcoin Belonging To ISIL Seized By Hactivists

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Kopp Online, a German news website, has only published an essay that mentioned that Ghost Security Group hactivists have managed to penetrate a bitcoin residence associated to ISIL and managed to close out 9554 bitcoins that were going to be used to widespread apprehension all around a world.

Kopp Online, published an talk with “Anonymous”, a organisation of hactivists who have announced fight opposite ISIL following France’s attacks. Here is a quote from a essay that was combined in German:

Jetzt feierte die Hacker-Gruppe Ghost Security Group bereits einen ersten Sieg: Sie sperrte ein Konto des IS mit 9554 Bitcoins.

A good foam was combined final week in a media, when Anonymous announced fight on ISIL and also following NewsBTC’s talk with Ghost Security Group. However, according to a essay on Kopp Online, there is no justification that can infer that GSG unequivocally seized 9554 bitcoins from ISIL’s BTC addresses, generally that a website didn’t tell any BTC addresses associated to GSG’s conflict operation on ISIL.

There has been a lot of report relating ISIL to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, though no one ever presented slicing justification that links ISIL to bitcoin or other cryptos. However, it is rather judicious to

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