9554 Bitcoin Belonging To ISIL Seized By Hactivists

Kopp Online, a German news website, has just published an article which mentioned that Ghost Security Group hactivists have managed to hack a bitcoin address related to ISIL and managed to lock out 9554 bitcoins that were going to be used to spread terror all around the world.

Kopp Online, published an interview with “Anonymous”, a group of hactivists who have declared war against ISIL following France’s attacks. Here is a quote from the article that was written in German:

Jetzt feierte die Hacker-Gruppe Ghost Security Group bereits einen ersten Sieg: Sie sperrte ein Konto des IS mit 9554 Bitcoins.

A great fuzz was created last week in the media, when Anonymous declared war on ISIL and also following NewsBTC’s interview with Ghost Security Group. However, according to the article on Kopp Online, there is no evidence that can prove that GSG really seized 9554 bitcoins from ISIL’s BTC addresses, especially that the website didn’t publish any BTC addresses related to GSG’s attack operation on ISIL.

There has been a lot of gossip relating ISIL to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, but no one ever presented cutting evidence that links ISIL to bitcoin or other cryptos. However, it is rather logical to think that a terrorist group like ISIL would resort to the anonymity haven of bitcoin, yet we are still waiting for evidence to uncloak to prove that.

So, is Ghost Security Group just trying to capture the attention of the media again, after our interview with them went viral all over the internet, or shall they present us with clear evidence that they really seized 9554 bitcoins from ISIL’s BTC addresses?

I hope the following few days would yield the answers to those questions.


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