A 17 Year Old’s Tweet about Bitcoin to ISIS Gets Him Prison Time

There are few things which you shouldn’t do on social media to prevent yourself getting into trouble. One of those things is not to support or advice to known terrorist groups across the world. But this 17-year-old boy from Virginia probably missed the memo. Ali Shukri Amin, a cryptocurrency enthusiast who also contributed to one of the cryptocurrency news sites is now facing up to 15 years of jail term on a federal charge of providing material support to ISIS.

According to the charges filed against him, Ali had written blog posts and sent out tweets containing technical information about Bitcoin and encryption methods. It is alleged that these posts on the internet was targeted towards helping ISIS, an active Islamic terrorist organization in Iraq, Syria and few other Middle Eastern nations. Ali has pleaded guilty on all the charges filed against him.

ISIS has been known for taking over many cities in Iraq, killing a large number of security personnel and civilians in the process. ISIS, standing for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been declared as a terrorist organization by the United States and other nations across the world. While there is a debate about the United States’ role in creating ISIS and the double standards adopted by USA when it comes to dealing with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the territory controlled by ISIS is gradually expanding. The terrorist group has created its own caliphates to govern the captured territories.

Ali in his signed confession has admitted to offering technical assistance to ISIS or those related to the organization. He had used his twitter account to send a link containing information about Bitcoin and ways to use it to fund their campaign. He had also assisted the terrorist organization in developing a website and adding security features to prevent it from being taken down.

While speaking about the case, US Attorney for the Eastern District of VirginiaDana Boente has stated that the ones who offer any kind of support will be dealt with the same way as those who travel and take up arms alongside the terrorists.

The government, despite of its double standards against the group in Iraq and Syria seems to be sending a clear message to the sympathisers back home.

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