A Bitcoin lesson: How a networked financial structure could change a world

Do we unequivocally know money? And if we don’t, how can we know a flaws?

bitcoin financial network

Joyce Kim

“Recent discussions around Bitcoin have caused us to examine all a several tools of our financial infrastructure, that indeed really few people understand. And we don’t know it since income is all around us and people contend that ‘The final to know a inlet of a H2O is a fish’,” Stellar Development Foundation‘s executive executive pronounced progressing this year during a speak during a MIT Media Labs. So let us be desirous by a difference of Joyce Kim and be a fish that indeed understands a water.

The initial thing we need to know is that a currenct financial structure is injured and primitive. However, a emergence of Bitcoin and a core record now have a energy to change everything.

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“Today’s financial structure is pre-internet, nonetheless we don’t consider about it that way. It doesn’t work effectively or equally,” Kim says.

“To strech a world, financial infrastructure needs to be open and networked. (…) Closed systems don’t

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