A Brief Comparison of Secure Messaging Apps

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We are in a period of time where personal security is of rising concern. No longer is data protection only essential to network admins in corporations and government entities, but it’s becoming something that even people who haven’t even heard of the deepweb are becoming conscious of. Because of this, companies are starting to release tools and software to make data security easier for the layman. Three of some of the most popular tools take the form of mobile apps and I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of these in this article. Two of the tools take the form of mobile messaging applications and the third doesn’t quite fall under the same category: it’s a secure email client that has mobile access.


First we have Wickr. I’ll skip through most of the introductory information on this company/service and cut directly to the chase. The most concerning piece of the picture is that Wickr is not open source and their information documenting the security and encryption process is essentially non-existent. No company is inherently required to document their security process or be completely open with their software, but the less we know about a service should definitely make us more

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