A Criminal’s Take on Credit Bureau Fraud

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Hello everyone. My name is penissmith, and I am a new writer for deepdotweb. I am currently a member on the darknet marketplace Alphabay, and have been on marketplaces for the last 4 years. I have helped Alphabay introduce anti-fraud algorithms to prevent scamming, and created methods for moderation to be quicker. I started out like anyone else, having no idea what any of this was and mostly doing petty theft. Being a mainstay in the darknet fraud community enables you to learn a tremendous amount, and have the opportunity to turn fraud into a full time living.

In addition to committing outright identity theft, I am obsessed with anything controversial, and making illegal practices more legitimate, efficient, and practical for everyday people to execute. You don’t need to be a Russian hacker, or savvy with computers to make money from illegal hobbies. My ultimate desire would be a world where fraud is looked at like any other career path, where evading law enforcement is simply deemed a “logistical duty” rather than an inevitable death. Today I would like to enlighten you about a misconception regarding identity theft in America.

The idea of identity theft in the average consumer’s

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