A Cryptographer Named After Harry Potter’s Archenemy is Helping Solve Bitcoin’s Biggest Problems

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Voldemort, Harry Potter

In what could turn a latest strange-but-true section in bitcoin’s history, an unknown cryptographer named after Harry Potter’s arch nemesis has put onward a offer experts trust could assistance solve vital issues confronting a network.

Authored by ‘Tom Elvis Jedusor’ (Voldemort’s name in a French versions of a book), a Harry Potter references in a paper don’t stop there. The offer itself, posted to discuss channels progressing this August, is named ‘Mimblewimble’ after a tongue-tying abuse meant to describe an competition silent.

Yet notwithstanding a allusions to a renouned anticipation series, a paper has real-world implications, surveying how cryptographic remoteness and signature techniques could be total to capacitate new benefits. Experts shortly saw past a imagery and began to take a ideas seriously, with Blockstream mathematician Andrew Poelstra, for example, being one of a initial to acknowledgement in IRC discussions that it didn’t seem like a “total crank.”

More critical review would follow, as bitcoin developers have been some-more broadly acid for a long-term scalability and anonymity solutions. Many of these same developers now feel that a anonymously posted thought could allege discussions of how these hurdles can be solved.

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