A Few Linux Distros for Dark Web Explorers

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Those who know what they’re doing on the dark web generally say that using Tor, by itself, is not enough to protect you. Traffic analysis and other methods have been used to de-anonymize users numerous times.

While using a VPN is also helpful, security experts frequently recommend using Linux distros for additional privacy. That being said, it’s also a frequent point of debate as to how secure even these systems are, but that largely depends on what your purpose in using it is.

In addition to trying these systems out, it took a fair amount of searching and reading to find out which ones were consistently given good marks by others. That aside, you may find you don’t like any of these; there are hundreds of other Linux distros available as well.

Note: These are in no particular order; don’t think of them as being ranked from “best to worst.”


Credit: Whonix 2013 Wikimedia Commons

Whonix was one of the first live OS’s that I tried out. I was impressed with how simple it was to set up and run, as well as its many privacy features. Whonix is based on Tor and Debian/GNU Linux,

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