A Noob’s Guide to Mesh Networking

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Have you ever seen Shadowmaster’s Web Hierarchy Primer? A Redditor once referred to it as “the REAL guide to the deep web.”

I mention this because one section of it describes what are called “Private Networks,” and I quote:

These networks do not require Internet access. Examples: PANs (Personal Area Networks), LANs (Local Area Networks),WANs (Wide Area Networks). PANs are very short-range networks, connecting devices with technologies like bluetooth. LANs are short-range networks, connecting devices via routers or Ethernet cables. WANs are broad-range networks, capable of spanning the globe.

So where do open mesh networks fit into all this? A wireless mesh network is created by connecting wireless access points at each user’s location. They would probably be analogous to the Personal Area Networks or Local Area Networks.

What’s interesting about them is that they could potentially provide competition for the traditional internet infrastructure as we know it – independent of ISPs. I discussed two of these networks in the article Netsukuku and GNUnet: Viable Tor Alternatives?

Though those networks are some of the better known mesh protocols, there are over 70 competing schemes for routing packets across mesh networks in existence, with more in

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