A Peak Inside The Bitcoin Embassy Of Israel – CCN: Financial …

A Peak Inside The Bitcoin Embassy Of Israel – CCN: Financial …

It began as a joke days before the Architect Ayal Segev hung the sign “Bitcoin-Embassy” at his Tel Aviv office. This story, is told in a recent story at the Juedische Allgemeine in German by Sabine Brandes. CCN has re-formulated that piece for an English speaking audience. 

Increasing numbers of people started coming in. On many days, 20 and more would gather at the christened Bitcoin Embassy.

“I must always clean up the space,” he remembers, grinning. Segev searched for a bigger office, and today he still runs the Bitcoin Embassy of Israel, one of the most successful Bitcoin embassies in the world. 

Bitcoin enthusiasts meet there – mostly young men wearing jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. They read there about bitcoins. Perhaps not everyone understands Bitcoin, but that’s okay – there’s opportunities to learn about the nascent crypto-currency. Every Sunday at 7pm, Bitcoin-Embassy representatives and those interested in Bitcoin join together to discuss the currency.

“Because [Bitcoin] is not only currency but also an entire value and belief system,” Segev said. “It is significant

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