A Primer on Bitcoin Governance, or Why Developers Aren’t in Charge of a Protocol

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As one of a many critical properties and a pivotal offered point, Bitcoin is not tranquil by any government, (central) bank or company. Nor is there even an active contriver to call a shots, as is a box in many other open-source projects. But that doesn’t meant a peer-to-peer electronic money complement is not governed by humans during all.

Many charge this governance purpose to a Bitcoin Core growth team. This is a misled attribution, however. While Bitcoin Core developers might have an successful position, Bitcoin is unequivocally governed by usually dual groups of people: users and miners.

Bitcoin Implementations

Bitcoin itself is radically zero though a protocol; a denunciation common by computers. And importantly, Bitcoin is an “open” protocol: there are no gatekeepers or mandate to turn partial of a Bitcoin network, other than following this protocol.

Anyone with a compulsory skill-set can rise program to follow a protocol. But a easier option, of course, is to simply download and run program grown by others.

There are now several Bitcoin program implementations to select from, as good as forks (near copies) of these implementations. The most used of these is substantially still Bitcoin

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