A week in SE Asia with the Prime Minister and UKTI

blog.blockchain.com / August 6, 2015

Rolls Royce. Airbus. Lloyds of London…  Blockchain. Wait, what?

It started with an unusual email from a government official asking for a call.  Strange emails are more or less par for the course for the CEO of a bitcoin company, but a few minutes into the call, I realized something groundbreaking was happening.  For the first time, a bitcoin company was being invited on an official tour with the leader of a nation.Not just any leader, mind you, but the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, home to London – the seat of global financial power.

The official voice on the other end of the receiver was inviting me to join a delegation of executives from a who’s-who of top-tier UK companies (including Airbus, Rolls Royce, Lloyds of London, and Arup among others) traveling to Southeast Asia with the PM.

As announced by the Prime Ministers office, and covered by the press, the Prime Minister invited Blockchain as part of his commitment to ensure the UK remains a leading global fintech hub.

From July 26th to July 30th we visited Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. I spoke to senior regulators, bank CEOs, telecommunications executives and other leaders about the future we are working towards as an industry – an open financial platform in which anyone can participate.

I came away with a few impressions: