Accenture: Over 60% UK SMEs Want Banks to Offer Bitcoin Services

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A new Accenture-commissioned consult has suggested that over 60% small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) would use their banks if they accept Bitcoin services.

The report, patrician “SME Banking 2020; Changing a Conversation”, is penned after contemplating 1,000 UK-based SMEs to know a flourishing business hurdles they face due to unsound banking services. And as it turns out, a incomparable apportionment of a participants has certified wanting Bitcoin services to be enclosed in their day-to-day banking convenience. Excerpt:

“There is transparent ardour among SMEs for value-added services, with some-more than 60 percent confirming that they would use their bank if these services were offered, including bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending.”

The report, however, also found how banks are using risks of losing out by not assembly adult to a flourishing final of a SMEs that amazingly make adult 99.9% of all a UK business sector. The normal financial players, therefore, would expected be losing relevance, as good as revenues, if they destroy to rivet a pronounced customers in assembly their unconventional demands.

Gareth Wilson, Accenture UK’s Banking Practice Lead, believes that a banks have a event to make £8.5 billion in potential annual revenues, usually if they concentration some-more on SMEs than a normal financial services.

“If they don’t, he added, “they risk

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