After Bitcoin, Chinese Go Crazy About Silver

Chinese speculators have the reputation of buying anything and everything that is going up.  

Real estate, the stock market, copper, bitcoin, and now silver. Futures in Shanghai reached their upside limit when prices hit $21.13 per ounce, up 6.9 percent on the day.  Chinese are behind the bulk of the buying as volumes on the Shanghai futures exchange exploded to 95 billion yuan ($14.2 billion) last Friday.

The price has since retreated to a tad below 20, but the overall performance over the second quarter is best in class, up 17 percent.

(Provident Metals)

(Provident Metals)

At least considering traditional asset classes. Bitcoin, the preferred Chinese capital outflow vehicle is up 66 percent in Chinese yuan over the same time period. After peaking on June 16, it has leveled off a bit, a good chance for Chinese traders to focus on silver again. Like Bitcoin, silver is not part of the Chinese banking system and provides insurance for a possible debt restructuring. 

Throughout history, the Chinese have been alternating between currency systems based on silver and currency systems based on paper money. Genghis Khan was the first emperor to force his citizens to use paper

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