After More Than a Year Under Development, Next Generation Blockchain Platform NEM (XEM) Officially Launches with 100% Original Codebase

NEM Logo

Press Release: After over a year of development, blockchain height NEM (New Economy Movement), and a cryptocurrency, XEM, strictly launched on Mar 31st. NEM facilities a 100% strange codebase, rare Proof-of-Importance algorithm, low appetite use, and a group of over 70 active people.

NEM, is an strange blockchain record height regulating a breakthrough creation for blockchain accord called Proof-of-Importance (POI). POI is a accord resource that calculates an significance measure for an comment by holding into care a balance, activity of a account, as good as a significance of accounts transacted with.

This significance measure enables accounts to emanate blocks and “harvest” transaction fees formed on a account’s significance to a NEM economy–not only those who simply have a largest volume of XEM. This encourages use of a banking and discourages hoarding, so augmenting a quickness of money. This helps assuage many problems compared with Proof-of-Work mining, such as impassioned cost fluctuation on exchanges, deflation, large energy consumption, and centralization.

With confidence being a categorical regard for blockchain platforms, NEM has taken stairs to deliver new innovations

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