After Pill Counterfeiting Lab Bust, DEA Warns Of Fentanyl’s Danger

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In Utah, fentanyl is set to rapidly overshadow the current heroin epidemic. Naturally, law enforcement wants to be prepared for what could come. On September 13, 2016, U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber issued a warning regarding the threat fentanyl presents. In the press conference, he pointed to a case where a man was caught pressing fake oxycodone with fentanyl analogs. He stressed that officers on the scene were not clear on what to do and this needs to change.

The warning was not just directed towards potential drug users. Anyone who comes into contact with the drug is at a risk.

“Unsuspecting drug abusers or addicts will take what they think is a pain pill that they’re used to taking, but it has been laced with this substance that is so powerful it can kill a healthy human being with as little as two milligrams,” he tells the press.

DEA Special Agent Brian Besser spoke at the press conference and voiced similar concerns. “It is a grave risk for law enforcement, for public health care workers and for first responders,” he said. Besser is encouraging police to be vigilant in avoiding contact with

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