Airbitz brings OpenBazaar decentralized market to San Diego

Greece continues its financial struggle today posted The Guardian. Prime Minister Tsipras faces a loss of trust from creditors and Eurozone.

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Germany is considering a bailout yet to be determined as nineteen Eurozone ministers meet today in Brussels. This crisis brings supporters of bitcoin to support it as the alternative to fiat currency.

Airbitz of San Diego will host OpenBazaar July 16 in San Diego to present bitcoin as the solution to the restrictions of fiat currency.. Airbitz provides open source software that allows the purchase and sale of products and services peer-to-peer on the Internet and through NFC on phones and tablets.

The peer-to-peer transaction between anonymous parties would allow the world’s first decentralized and anonymous marketplace according to Scott Morgan, CFO of Airbitz. This intriguing opportunity brought Scott to spend some time in a Q A about its exciting possibilities.

Q. Can the bitcoin protocol, and use of bitcoin wallets, circumvent government monetary crisis for other countries in the future?

A. Scott- the Airbitz Wallet or any other type of bitcoin wallet that collects no information regarding it user base can in effect allow their users the ability to avoid detection of 3rd parties (in this case say the country of Greece) that would seek to limit or impose controls on capital flows. If what happened in Cyprus is allowed to take place in Greece, bank depositors will be begin to understand the currency they have on deposit at a bank is fodder for bail-ins and/or other capital restrictions, by the very banks they trusted to safe keep their

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