Airbitz Introduces API To Integrate Bitcoin Into Every App

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Airbitz, one of a heading Bitcoin wallet providers, has expelled their plugin API. In doing so, a association will see plugins being grown for their height The initial Airbitz “plugin” is Bitrefill, that offers mobile notation tip ups in sell for cryptocurrency payments. This is certain news for a Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole, as it will emanate a lot of new use cases.

The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API Is Here

One of a best ways to boost Bitcoin adoption is by integrating services to spend cryptocurrency in a wallet apps themselves. Airbitz has always been heading a assign in this regard, and they have taken things to a subsequent level. By formulating their Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API, use providers can possess emanate plugins for a mobile app.

It has to be said; this underline has been around for utterly some time now. In 2015, Airbitz expelled a plugin API to offer their integrated Glidera Bitcoin buy and sell service. Additionally, a Fold app uses a same API for their ignored Target and Starbucks present cards.

That being said, a initial “official” partner regulating a Airbitz Plugin API is Bitrefill. This mobile top-up use has

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