AirBitz To Offer In-Wallet Bitcoin Purchases Soon

More and more Bitcoin wallet providers are starting to explore the possibilities of launching mobile buy-and-sell functionality within their application. In the case of Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz, the customer is not necessarily tied to using one specific Bitcoin exchange for buying and selling goods. For the time being, this feature will only be available to US customers, but the company hopes to expand the service on an international scale relatively soon.

Mobile Buying Selling of Bitcoin With Centralized ServiceAirBitz Wallet

One of the reasons why the AirBitz mobile Bitcoin wallet is unique compared to other similar offerings is due to its true decentralized nature. Even if AirBitz’s own servers would get compromised or shut down for any reason, users can still use the mobile Bitcoin wallet application without any interruption. Bitcoin is all about decentralization, and we can only hope to see more mobile wallet developers follow AirBitz’s example.

But AirBitz is not satisfied with just that aspect, as the company hopes to expand its business model on a global scale. The first step in doing so consists of enabling in-wallet buying and selling of Bitcoin, a feature made possible thanks

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