Alex Millar for Bitcoin and Parliment

The Georgia Straight where he mentions about his reasons to run for the parliament as an independent candidate. He starts the article with his professional background and then about his passion, which happens to be money creation.

Alex Millar goes on to discuss about Canadian dollars and lack of transparency associated with the national currency. Even US dollar, euro, yen etc. lack integrity, just like the Canadian dollar. According to Alex Millar, bitcoin is the solution to ensure transparency of currency. Integrity of bitcoin in vouched by the members of public who are part of bitcoin network.

He goes on to disclose that he owns bitcoin and he stands to benefit from the mainstream adoption of bitcoin. However, it’s not just about him as bitcoin is a useful digital currency that can benefit everyone.  Since its introduction seven years ago, bitcoin has changed the way transactions are being carried out. Bitcoin ensures transparency, justice, creates jobs and helps improve the economy. The very fact that no single person or an entity owns bitcoin keeps it neutral and anyone, anywhere can use it the same way at the same time.

Alex Millar predicts about the day in the future when the value of bitcoin

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