Alex Winter Talks Bitcoin, Drugs and His New Film ‘Deep Web’

Alex Winter Deep Web

CoinDesk managing editor Emily Spaven interviews director Alex Winter ahead of the release of his new documentary film Deep Web.

Libertarian ideals, crime and citizens’ rights in the digital age – there are many themes running through Alex Winter’s latest documentary film, Deep Web, but by far the greatest focus is the story of Ross Ulbricht and his involvement in the online drugs marketplace Silk Road.

Winter, best known for his role as Bill Preston in the Bill and Ted franchise, has long since proved his worth on the other side of the lens, having sat in the director’s chair on five films since 1993.

His latest offering begins with a rousing speech by British libertarian and cypherpunk Amir Taaki, warning of corrupt fascists masquerading as “white knights”. Taaki enthuses that now is the time for the technological classes to take back their sovereignty.

The movie goes on to explore the mysterious underbelly of the Internet – the hidden layer called the Deep Web and its anonymity-rich area: the Dark Net.

It’s here that illegal drug marketplaces exist and where Ulbricht’s story begins.

The film focuses on the arrest of

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