All Eyes on Ethereum Classic As Hacked DAO Funds Is On The Move

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Although things have been relatively quiet around the DAO for some time now, a new development has occurred. A large amount of Ethereum Classic funds was still eligible for withdrawal by the hacker. As it turns out, the funds have been moved several hours ago. However, the ETC price across exchanges is not dipping, and the coins are not being dumped.

Ever since The DAO got hacked, there has been a lot of focus on the procured funds. Due to the technology used by this concept, money remained locked for quite a while. But it looks like things have finally come to a close a few hours ago. While the ETH funds were secured by white-hat hackers a while ago, there was still some ETC funds on the table.

Ethereum Classic Funds Moves To A New Address

As it turns out, the ETC funds related to The DAO was moved to a new address late last night. Contrary to what most people expected, the money did not get dumped across the exchanges. Instead, the Ethereum Classic price has been holding firm. Some people are wondering what the hacker will do with the money now that it is under

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