All Forked Up Don’t Know What To DAO

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Over the past few days, it has been a wild ride if you are a fan of cryptocurrency. We all know someone or a team of hackers found an exploit within the DAO protocol and drained a lot of money. This particular happening shook up the entire community most especially the Ethereum and DAO supporters themselves. The severe blow left the two clans of crypto-projects three choices let the attacker do as they please with the Ether, soft fork, or hard fork.

Currently, there has been a vote via Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir’s Twitter page on whether the community thinks they should hard fork the protocol. This would, in turn, allow the Ether to go back to their original home before the attack. The voting on Zamfir’s Twitter post at the current time says the vote is 54% yes and 46% no. Hard forks are not too easy to convince the community as it is not forward compatible which means it cannot allow the protocol to ease into a later version of its mirror image. This tactic would essentially revert the Ether back into the original holding wallet.

The act of hard forking is somewhat

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